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Sunday Roast Lunch in Lynton and Lynmouth on Exmoor, With Riverside Walk / Hike

You just can not beat having a Sunday roast lunch on Exmoor, Lynton and Lynmouth in particular is a lovely location for that much loved family time.

As Brits we love tradition, Roast Lunch at the same time every week and a family stroll to make you feel like a good old feed has been earned.

Serving Roast Lunches from April 2nd 2023

Lets discuss some inspiring walks and later a little about our Sunday Roast.

Well at The Cottage we offer the complete experience and in abundance, Our Pub is set within the Lynbridge Valley, a short woodland walk from Lynton and Lynmouth or a stunning riverside walk from Barbrook.

The Walk from Lynton is along the Lynway if you are traveling from this direction why not check out some of our routes below which can be enjoyed before or after your lunch, often taking in a pint or two in other local Exmoor pubs.

Woodland walk before your Lynton and Lynmouth Roast Lunch
The Lynway Woodland Walk

Lynton & Lynmouth Sunday Roast Lunch Walk ideas, ending at The Cottage Inn on Exmoor

The walk I would like to focus on is a short but very sweet stroll from Barbrook.

Barbrook is a Hamlet just before Lynbridge,parking is generally free on the roadside so a good place to leave your car.

From the interactive map below establish where the start point is, simply go through the wooden gate and walk along the picturesque riverside walk between Barbrook and Lynbridge, terrain is uneven so take great care, if you have any access difficulties try one of the above walks from Lynton and Lynmouth.

The riverside walk is one of Exmoors best kept secrets, waterfalls, wildlife and nature are in abundance, at just 1.1km each way, its perfect for a pre / post Sunday roast Lunch walk, being as we are dog friendly you can also take the pooch.

The Cottage Inn Sunday Roast Lunch

At The Cottage Inn we like to cook an honest Roast Lunch, We love the tradition and respect the process, Ivan Clarke Butchers supply only the best quality meats and much of our vegetables are from a local allotment from the father of our chef.

No corners are cut, everything is traditionally home cooked and well presented, ooh and we don't skimp on portion size also, we know that you need a full belly for a successful Sunday late afternoon nap in front the TV.

The Cottage Inn always serve local beers to enjoy with your meal.

To Book with us please check the next service from the bottom below.

Sunday roast Lunch Lynton and Lynmouth on Exmoor
Sunday roast Lunch

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