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Enterpack Food Tray Hot Sealing Machine for Sale UK EHQ 350N2 only £2500

During Covid 19 our restaurant turned to ready meals to make ends meet, we started off with normal trays but our rounds grew and we ended up with an Enterpack food tray sealing machine to offer maximum freshness, we went for the EHQ 350N2 model as it was the all singing and all dancing model at the time, I believe it still is.

Enterpack EHQ 350N2 heat sealing machine for sale

What is the Enterpack Food sealing Machine and what can the EHQ 350N2 do ?

Its simple really, you simply guy trays off of Enterpack , which I have to say are priced fairly, fill them with food to the level you require and then place in the EHQ 350N machine, the machine does the rest, it takes the tray in automatically, adds a film lid, cuts and releases ready to be chilled, its great, very rarely skips a beat, sometimes if you add hot food into the Enterpack machine the seal is weak but the answer is dont do it, just let the food cool down and you will get a great seal.

The EHQ 350N is perfect for Butchers, the machine is even sold by butchery retailers here the machine is almost 6k so we are asking for less than half price at just £2500 + VAT

How much work has our Enterpack 350N2 done ?

Hardly any, the counter is less than 10000 seals and these were all done within 3 months of each other, from that the the machine has been stored in the warm office and has no signs of wear or corrosion at all, if you are in the market for an Enterpack machine this is an absolute snip, and why not have the 350N2, we will add any spare trays that we have with film etc, its not a lot but every little helps.

We have the standard tray size installed but if you wanted a specific size tray, Enterpack supply a heater pack and cutter for various sizes, you would need to call them for more info.

For any questions whatsoever give us a call on 07946133332

Nearly new Enterpack 350N Heat sealer machine
Enterpack machine rear

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