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Pam and Lauras Thai style Ramen

Thai Style Ramen Noodles
Roasted Meat Ramen Noodles

Albeit its Japan that is the official home to Ramen Noodles, Thailand has a long history of making a similar style of Noodles in broth called Guay Tiew, when cooked to perfection it in my humble opinion is amongst the absolute top Noodles dishes in the World, No two chefs cook this dish the same and our ladies base our Noodle Dish loosely on Guay Tiew but do things in our own way. If you have ever worked with us you will know this is the dish that is most loved by our team and eaten often after shift.

Thai Noodle Stock

A great bowl of any kind of Ramen Noodles is in the quality of the Stock, we make two stocks alongside each other, a 100% Vegetable stock and a veg and meat bone stock.

Our Meat bone stock in particular is a labour of love, bones are boiled for up to 3 hours with specific vegetables and mild Thai spices to produce a wholesome flavourful broth, perfect for a Sunday lunchtime.

Thai Ramen Noodles, meat bone broth
Meat Bone Broth

Roasted Meats in Thai Ramen Noodles

This is where we go off Piste a little, you would often expect meat balls in Thai Noodles but we just love to use meat from Roasted Joints, Choose from thinly sliced pink beef or tender pork shoulder to be laid access the top of your Noodles, That meaty broth and a quality cut of beef go together like a horse and carriage, This is the meal we all lovet, its just delicious.

For a veg option we roast fresh vegetables, marinaded in Thai flavours and add Pad Choi to the vegetable stock.

Other Ingredients

Pam and Laura have some other secret ingredients used in our Noodles and I'd hate to give them all away ( Crackling ) but they are all added for a bit of love, ooh of course, the Noodles, choose between Egg Noodles or Rice Noodles.

Due to the prep time Thai Style Ramen is often the only dish cooked by a street vendor in Thailand, for this reason we only ever have it on as a special, look out for the next date on our website.

History of Guay Tiew Thai Noodles

If you are interested in knowing a little more about the history of Guay Tiew take a look here

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