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Pubs In Lynton and Lynmouth on Exmoor, The Cottage Inn Public House & Thai Restaurant

If you are staying on Exmoor and looking for pubs in Lynton and Lynmouth then you are already planning my favourite sort of holiday. You will be happy to know that you have arrived at the right place.

Lynmouth has an array of fantastic pubs, set along the harbour or nestled in the back street, The Ancient Mariner is simply brilliant, undergoing much renovation over the last decade it has become an Exmoor destination in its own right and its quirkiness must be seen whilst on your stay.

Pubs in Lynton and Lynmouth on Exmoor
Beautiful pubs can be found in Lynmouth

Lynton is home to most locals and they are as welcoming as can be, we actually have a map route for a nice afternoon spent around the Lynton pubs here ,

Myself and my wife own one the old Lynton and Lynmouth pubs, she's a lovely old girl ( The Pub ), Perhaps you might consider visiting us, we are on the Exmoor beaten track but if you blink you will miss us.

The Cottage Inn, one of Lynton and Lynmouth's old pubs

Built in the 17th Century, the premises has always been a public house throughout its history, The pub suffered damage during The Lynton and Lynmouth flood disaster but was repaired and rebuilt by local builders Nancekivels.

Located in The Lynbridge Valley on the edge of Exmoor we are a nice destination pub and place to stop whilst out on one of the Lyn Valley great walks, many walks pass our door and many can be adjusted to walk past our door.

Walks approach in three directions

  • The Lynway woodland walk from Lynton, 10 minutes

  • The Riverside walk from Barbrook, 15 minutes

  • Walk from Lynmouth via Cleaves (optional watersmeet)

Once at The Cottage Inn you can enjoy drinks in our Garden which overlooks the West Lyn River or in the old fashioned bar area.

Lynton and Lynmouth Pubs beer garden
View in The Cottage Inn pub garden

Today The public house still operates as a pub but we are also well known to be the home of Nartnapa Thai Kitchen, Nartnapa is a professional Thai chef who actually cooked alongside her celebrity chef mentor, Chef Yingsak on Thai TV back in Bangkok.

Today Nartnapa works as part of a strong team who have been trained in house to produce consistently high standards of Thai food.

Our bar is traditional and serves a range of drinks you would expect, we always like to support local breweries and choose to keep a local lager and local real Ales on the taps, during low season selection is reduced to keep fresh. During high season three cask Ales are often available. Otter Brewery and Exmoor Ales are often served.

If you are planning on paying us a visit please always check current opening times first, because we are outside of prime location and are a relatively small business the pub doesn't open every day.

Tip - Try our Lynton pub walk guide, its a great way to spend an afternoon, not all pubs are always open but its a nice little route and other places will pop up where you can grab a beer or 2.

If you would like to be kept up to date with Cottage Inn info why not scroll to the bottom of this page and subscribe.

Happy Travels

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