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Sausage, Cider and Ale Festival in North Devon

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

After recent traffic issues in Lynbridge, we have taken the decision to cancel sausage fest 2023 and will be hosting later in the year when less traffic is using the route and seasonal bus routes have finished, daily traffic blockages outside The Cottage often lasting up to an hour would become unmanageable with added traffic, we apologise for this decision and look forward to seeing you later in the year.

Exmoor Sausage and Cider Festival is a fun festival, celebrating the humble banger and local drinks from around the South West. Set within The Cottage Inn Grounds, a North Devon public house, this event promises to be a jolly good laugh.

It's all about The Sausages, The Cider and The Entertainment, so here's a little intro to each.

North Devon Sausage and Cider Festival

Details of Sausage and Cider Festival in North Devon.

About them beautiful bangers, We are so lucky to of worked with Ivan Clarke Butchers for the last 8 years, Ivan will be skinning up all the sausages for us to enjoy at his North Devon based commercial butchers.

Of course there will be classics like Cumberland but there will also be an interesting selection of other more risky flavours, one of which being Chef Nartnapa special Kaprow flavour one, num num num.

Available as hot dog or just the naked banger, it's going to be aammmaazzziiinng.

On top of the food for the customers there is the serious business of the competition, locals and visitors alike battle out to become king or Queen sausage maker (mix).

Festival of Sausages and Cider in North Devon
Proper Bangers

About The Cider

There are 20 Ciders available for the festival, many from Somerset but a couple Devon ones also. Without doubt fruit Ciders will be available in abundance, with any luck its a sunny day and the pinacolada Cider will be as popular as last year.

About The Entertainment

No North Devon festival would be the same without Lynton's DJ Juan Arbonez, He will be playing his Funky chilled session through the afternoon set, moving on to a band later in the evening, If you are attending and love a sing song then tell us and you can join in with the fun.

About the Venue

The Cottage Inn grounds are set within some of the most beautiful scenery in North Devon, we have held many festival here and it makes for a lovely family friendly place to be, there is something about enjoying a funky cider, listening to funky music and eating a funky sausage that just screams "Summer has arrived"

Dial in North Devon and get The Exmoor Sausage and Cider festival booked up, its going to be a hoot.

Early Bird tickets are only £5, this goes towards setup, we are extremely grateful for all purchases.

Be the absolute Don and turn up in the official festival T Shirt, you will be the envy of all your friends 100%

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