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Valentines Day Meal at The Cottage Inn, Lynton and Lynmouth North Devon

If you are in North Devon or live in Lynton and Lynmouth and are looking for somewhere that a special Valentines Day meal will be served then I believe you might be in the right place.

Head Chef Nartnapa has designed a beautiful meal to show the person you love, well that you love them.

If you do not live in Lynton and Lynmouth why not make a night of it and stay on Exmoor for the evening, Do a simple google search and find somewhere special, even though its winter the Lyn Valley is so picturesque and nothing can be more romantic than a stroll around the valleys and cliffs of Lynton and Lynmouth, You can check out some walking ideas here

Anyway back to the meal.

Of course there will always be a Thai influence within our food, its what makes us who we are.

Nartnapa wanted to design a meal that wouldn't fill you up until the last bite, nothing is less romantic than a heavy starter and an overfull stomach. I believe that she has hit this nail fully on the head with light textures yet big meaningful flavours throughout, until you get to dessert that is when you will be spoilt by our rich Chocolate nut Sundae.

Nartnapa has also managed to produce the full meal as Gluten Free which may be music to the ears of many.

Valentines Day Meal at The Cottage Inn, Lynton and Lynmouth North Devon
Nartnapa 2023 Valentines Day Meal

If you have any intolerance please let us know before booking, we can always find alternatives but may need time to prepare.

For Vegan diet or Vegetarian please see the rather lovely Nut Ball alternative, simply replace one of your mains with this, just let us know please so we can make this happen for you.

To get your special Valentines meal booked up please click below, if you will be requiring any menu alterations please let us know within the comments section.

If you would like to add an additional romantic touch why not contact our local florist and ask about having a bouquet of flowers waiting on the table for your loved one.

Please help us to flourish in a difficult time for hospitality, share our posts with your friends and if possible scroll to the bottom of this page and subscribe to our newsletters so we can easily inform you of upcoming events at The Cottage Inn.

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