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5 Best Lynton and Lynmouth walks and Hikes on Exmoor

Lynton and Lynmouth offers some of the finest walks and Hikes on Exmoor, ok i'm a little biased being a Lyntonian from birth but it really is fair to say its right up there with the best walking in the whole country, Despite the title its kind of impossible to choose the best of the best as the whole area is just so beautiful, I suppose these are the walks I like to do the most, some for a bit of exercise or a day out and other short jobbies to give the dog a quick walk, Wherever you decide to walk we hope you have a great time exploring Lynton and Lynmouth.

You will need a map to plot the course exactly but this guide gives you food for thought.

Starting with the best Lynton and Lynmouth Walk

Lynton - Watersmeet circular (Full afternoon)

Leave Lynton early afternoon and head down to Lynmouth via the zigzag foot path, its a good idea to grab a quick pint in either of Lynmouth's great public houses Rising Sun, Ancient Mariner or Village Inn because your next beer is with us at The Cottage Inn, a few km away.

After your beer follow the East Lyn River to Watersmeet, this stretch of river is absolutely stunning, there are pools which you can take a dip in and picturesque waterfalls the whole way up. Its a great idea to take your camera and binoculars because the amount of Wildlife you often see in crazy, The Heron is often found between Myrtleberry and Watersmeet in the shallow water.

Watersmeet is National Trust owned, there is a tea garden where you could grab a quick snack before an uphill section of the walk.

Watersmeet - Lynton and Lynmouth Walk and Hike
Watersmeet tea gardens

Leave Watersmeet and take signs for the Ironage fought, once at the fought a new aspect of views open up, Pass through the fought and head up the steps towards the peak of the hill.

Follow the cleaves towards Lynbridge, at times the view is breathtaking, looking out over the Watersmeet valley, the Bristol Channel and Lynmouth, as you get closer to Lynbridge several viewpoints open up and this is a great opportunity to snap some holiday pictures.

When in Lynbridge cross the bridge into The Cottage Inn car park and pop in for a pint,(check our opening times before planning your route, its the most important stop of the day) if its a nice day sit in our garden and look over the West Lyn river, giving your legs a rest.

From here head up the road opposite and onto the Lyn Way foot path, a beautiful woodland walk that connects Lynbridge and Lynton.

Lynton - North Walk circular (40 - 50 minutes)

Its a simple short walk that takes around 40 minutes, leave Lynton and head past St Marys church, walk over the Cliff railway bridge and follow the path around the Cliff, take the first steep wash to come out overlooking the Valley and Cricket pitch.

On your way back into Lynton there is a nice pub on the left called the Sandrock, there is a good selection of drinks and often locals for a chat.

Lynmouth view from Lynton on North walk
View over Lynmouth on North Walk

Lynbridge - Barbrook River Walk (20 minutes each way)

This walk is beautiful early evening and to make a truly happy ending book a table at The Cottage Inn Thai restaurant for the way back.

Start at The Cottage Inn, cross over the bridge in the car park and turn right, from here the path hugs the West Lyn River to Barbrook, it takes around 20 minutes each way.

Locals Tip - If you fancy a swim there is the perfect pool for this, complete with waterfall

On the way towards Barbrook you eventually go down some steps with a shallow pool on your right, carry straight on for around 100m, you will notice a small path by a log disappearing to the right, take this path into your own little piece of heaven.

Cottage Inn West Lyn River Walk near Lynton and Lynmouth.
Hank Enjoying a dip in the low water of the West Lyn

Holiday Hill

Not a set walk as such but a great place to explore with endless great views, Hollerday hill can be accessed in several places but I recommend the road to the right on the Town Hall, simply take this and walk through the opening in the rock. Take a flask of coffee and spend a few hours finding new trails, you will never get lost for long, Lynton is on one side and the sea on the other.

Hollerday Hill, Lynton and Lynmouth walk on Exmoor
Bench at top of Hollerday Hill looking over Countisbury

Lynton - Hunters Inn

Head out of Lynton towards the Valley of Rocks, this is a picturesque and unique area that has been used for many commercial shoots in the past, check out The White Lady as you approach the bend turning into Lee Abbey.

From here follow the coast path, through Woody Bay woodland and along the cliff walk to the Hunters Inn, it takes a morning to complete but is well your time and perfect because you will be just in time for a pub lunch and a pint when you arrive at The Hunters Inn. The walk has fabulous woodland and sea views, its your call but i'd be tempted to book a taxi back.

Woody Bay is passed on Lynton to Hunters Inn walk
Pass through Woody Bay on route to The Hunters Inn

If You would like to find a nice base to stay for your visit why not give the Cottage Inn a look up, you can book a room by clicking the link below.

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