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Things to do in Lynton and Lynmouth on Exmoor

There are so many things to do in Lynton and Lynmouth and around Exmoor its hard to know where to start, Ive popped together a list of a few things I love to do myself or good local things to support, bare in mind though that the list of things to do on Exmoor is endless so take a read but just get booked up, get here and start your Lyn Valley adventure.

The Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway.

Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway was built for the twin villages by George newness, Visitors flock every year to see and use this attraction.

Two passenger carriages, linked with steel cables, pull each other up and down the cliff between Lynton and Lynmouth through the weight of water which is extracted from the West Lyn River.

The railway is and has always been operated by a wonderful dedicated team of staff who operate the venue during high season and maintain during low season, headed up by local Engineer Ashley Clarke.

Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway, a great thing to do when in the area
Cliff Railway

Visit The Valley of Rocks near Lynton

Something nice to do when in Lynton is to walk around the Valley of Rocks, either park in the valley itself or park in Lynton and walk Westward.

The Valley is known for its jagged rocks and wild goats, the scenery is just breathtaking and also home to what must be the most scenic Cricket ground in the World.

Mother Meldrums is a Cafe situated within the valley and Jackie the owner cooks Wonderfull home made food, its a must try.

Valley of Rocks, a nice thing to do whilst in Lynton and Lynmouth
Valley of Rocks

Visit Watersmeet

No trip to Exmoor would be complete without a trip to Watersmeet, this in my opinion is the most beautiful place on planet Earth, The valley walk is so pure and crisp, whilst taking the gentle / moderate walk you enjoy wildlife, waterfalls, pools, bridges and so much more.

Upon reaching Watersmeet you can enjoy a drink and snack at Watersmeet cafe which is owned by the National Trust.

If you have access difficulties do not attempt this walk, try calling The National Trust and asking if you could park near the Cafe, our things to do in Lynton and Lynmouth list just wouldn't be complete without Watersmeet on it.

Walk in Watersmeet, lovely thing to do in Lynton and Lynmouth
Beautiful Watersmeet

Watch a movie at Lynton Cinema

Lynton Cinema is one of the smallest in the country which is one of the things that gives the Cinema its charm and makes it a definite thing to do whilst in Lynton and Lynmouth, The cinema is situated to the right hand side of Lynton Town Hall, The viewing hall has 68 seats, is heated in the winter and has air conditioning in summer.

In the summer 2 screenings are often offered daily, one family movie as a Matinee and an evening movie, In the Winter 1 movie per night and a Matinee on a Monday.

Lynton Cinema is well supported by locals and tourists alike but with modern energy challenges more support is always required so if you have a spare evening whilst on Exmoor please do book up and help keep the Cinema a success story.

Booking number Tel: (01598)753397


Lynton Pub Walk

Lynton is extremely quaint and boasts some amazing scenery, The friendly pubs always welcome tourists, its best to do this walk late afternoon - evening to ensure all venues are open or give them a quick call ( All venue details shown on map ) Although I consider this one of the top things to do in Lynton and Lynmouth it is one for high - Mid Season only.

Below is an interactive map of the short walk.

For further details click the link below to view our blog containing full walk details.

Lynton to Barnstaple Railway

An ambitious project to reinstate the Railway which once ran between Lynton and Barnstaple, its almost emotional, in fact it is emotional to watch stunning steam engines haul happy customers along the first length of track from Woody Bay Station, If you are a railway enthusiast a visit here is a must on your list of things to do in Lynton and Lynmouth.

There is plenty of parking available at The Woody Bay Station which is a 5 - 7 minute drive from Lynton.

Keep up to date by visiting the website here

Lynton Museum

Museums won't come much smaller than this little stunner, this won't take up much time on your things to do in Lynton and Lynmouth list but be sure to book it in when passing, its just £2 entry and shows historical Agricultural, Maritine, cooking tools and more, positioned opposite the school and just around the corner from Queen Street which is home to some of Lynton finest Cafes, restaurants and pubs.

Lynton Old Town

Lynton Old Town is an area with a new energy, exciting new businesses such as The Old Bank restaurant and North Coast Cafe have added to an already strong lineup of cafes and restaurants to create a unique vibe that continues to flourish and is a great place to spend time, this area must be on your list of things to do in Lynton and Lynmouth.

Charlie Fridays sits lower in the Old town and is a firm favourite with locals, and for good reason, go check for yourself.

Hole In One Lynmouth

Lynmouth Manor front is stunning, the setting for hole in one couldn't be better, there are two full 18 hole courses to choose from, or if you are feeling up for it a full 36, tennis courts are also available for energetic folk.

The Kiosk sells refreshments to enjoy whilst putting or roaming the waterfront.

Have a Meal at Nartnapa Thai Kitchen

Nartnapa Is a Thai national, Celebrity Chef trained professional, she has a philosophy to keep cooking simple Thai flavour groups and regional ingredients with Passion.

All Chefs at Nartnapa's restaurant are trained in house, sharing the same philosophy.

The riverside restaurant is open during evening times, for an exact schedule always book through the online booking schedule here.

Tourism is the lifeblood of Lynton and Lynmouth and our only industry, you can help us flourish by sharing our content with family and f

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