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Take Away food for your holiday retreat in Lynton and Lynmouth on Exmoor

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

If you are on Exmoor and visiting Lynton and Lynmouth looking for a take away to enjoy at your holiday retreat, The Cottage Inn at Lynbridge serves Freshly Cooked Thai food on all services that we are open.

Our full Take away Menu can be seen by clicking the button below.

Prices were correct as of 1st January 23 (please not these may increase inline with our supplies)

Take away Thai food in Lynton and Lynmouth retreat on Exmoor
Take Away Chicken and Cashew Nut

Take away Delivery is currently not available but if you are struggling to collect try calling Riverside Taxi on 01598 753442 , they can often collect and deliver but it would depend on they're schedule, food can be paid over the phone.

From Our Kitchen at The Cottage Inn near Lynton we also often cook other styles of food on certain days, Pizza on Thursdays and Indian style curry take away on Fridays, its defiantly worth taking a peak at our what's on page as you should get a good idea from there, or call on 01598 753496

Friday night Indian Take away in Lynton and Lynmouth on Exmoor
Outside of Peak season we often serve an Indian Curry on a Friday

Collect Take away food from the cottage inn, Lynton and Lynmouth
Collect Take away from the pub

All of our food is cooked fresh so can take a while to cook, please give us as much notice as possible, during peak season we can not always produce for the same day but please do ask, we always do our best to help keep Lynton and Lynmouth supplied with take away food as we know how frustrating it can be not being able to get fed.

We use paper bags for our take out, if you are coming from elsewhere on Exmoor it can be a good idea to bring an insulated container, if you do not have anything and traveling, please ask us as there is normally a cardboard or polystyrene Broccoli box we can send the food out in, all containers are microwavable and Thai curries reheat quite well.

Things could be better in the hospitality business at this moment, Something Free of charge you can do to help is to share media with your friends, we would love you forever if you shared any of ours.

If you visit Lynton and Lynmouth or Exmoor often why not scroll to the bottom of the page and subscribe so we can keep you up to date with latest events.

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