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Pub with Beer Garden in Lynton and Lynmouth on Exmoor

Cottage Inn Pub, Riverside Beer Garden set in the beautiful Lynbridge Valley, a short woodland walk from Lynton and Lynmouth on Exmoor.

Beer garden open May - September - call 01598 753496 to check we are opening hours before leaving

One of the nicest things to do on a Summers day whist in Lynton and Lynmouth is to spend an afternoon enjoying the areas beer gardens.

There are plenty of Beer gardens across Exmoor below are the details to get to ours, The beautiful setting of The Cottage Inn, Situated in Lynbridge.

To access our pub beer garden simply take the short woodland walk along the Lynway shown on the map below, its a maximum of 15 minutes to walk from Lynton Town Hall and the route is scenic, The Lynway path is surrounded by nature, running behind bed and breakfasts, along the Lynbridge Valley and eventually dropping down to the pub.

The Cottage Inn pub beer garden overlooks the West Lyn River, its picturesque and peaceful, We do not open the garden every day so please always can before leaving.

Cottage Inn Pub Beer Garden in Lynton and Lynmouth on Exmoor
Cottage Inn Pub Beer Garden

Lunches are served, along with a selection of local ales from the bar.

From Our Beer Garden you can also take a further short walk along the river to Barbrook and back (20 minutes each way) This isn't the most documented walk on Exmoor so is always nice and quiet but is second to none in scenery.

Lynton and Lynmouth riverside pub beer garden on Exmoor, The Cottage Inn
Nestled in Nature

If you are driving and would like to visit our pub beer garden, we do have parking, the entrance can be considered a little tight but the beer wagon fits down so all cars do also, if you are not a confident driver you can find alternative parking around the pub if available.

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