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Lynmouth Holiday Retreat & Sunny Lyn Camp site Pub Walk / Hike

2.9km Circular Walk, Rough terrain for a short stretch of track

The Sunny Lyn Camp Site and Lynmouth Holiday Retreat are two stunning sites within walking distance of Lynton and Lynmouth, Each site has a public house next door that serve quality Real Ales, other refreshments and food, if you are staying on either Camp Site there is a circular walk which you will enjoy that passes the doors of The Beggars Roost Pub and The Cottage Inn Pub.

Lynmouth Holiday Retreat - Sunny Lyn Circular pub walk / hike
View point from Summerhouse over Lynmouth

In addition to the track which we have highlighted for your pub walk there is an area of woodland between Lynmouth Holiday retreat and Sunny Lyn Camp site which is very scenic, with rivers, vibrant colours and plenty of wildlife to explore its a beautiful little piece of Exmoor., the area isn't huge but remember this blog is just a recommendation of something nice to do during your stay, remember a map to plot your exact route.

Lynmouth Holiday Retreat & Sunny Lyn Camp Site Pub walk

Please check current opening times of each premises before starting your journey

Click on the map after reading route for an interactive route.

Start at Lynmouth Holiday Retreat, well the first bit is very simple, leave the front entrance to the Camp Site and take a seat in The Beggars Roost pub garden, The Beggars Roost have a reputation for well kept Real Ale so try a pint and if your hungry enjoy a light lunch. Tip, If you are around on a Sunday be sure to try the Sunday Lunch here.

Leave the Pub and turn left along the road, then taking the next left, turning off of the main road on the steep corner. Walk as far as the big barn and turn left again just after, from here follow the cattle Shute down hill, beware this is rough terrain, if you have any kind of access difficulties this section is not suitable for you.

Zig Zag to the bottom of the hill and you will see a picturesque bridge going over the river to Sunny Lyn Camp Site and The Cottage Inn.

Enjoy some local beers in The Cottage and / or some food, the beer garden looks over the West Lyn River and during summer months there is often a nice selection of Roses on display from the landlady.

If You are staying at Sunny Lyn camp site this will obviously be your starting point.

All set ? so its time to head up the hill, don't worry we are not taking the cattle Shute again, cross over the bridge and turn left, follow the path along the river and up to the top of the hill until the trees clear and you see a bench on you left, this is a view point over Lynmouth, many walkers stop here for a breather and a selfie. Walk on a little further and take the wooden gate on your right, this leads over the field and through a lane to the starting position, could go back in for another pint ? ha ha, go on.

When opening gates to fields please always remember to close fully behind you and never have dogs off of a lead, many local farmers have had problems with sick sheep and cattle due to stress from dogs so must be respected.

Sunny Lyn - Lynmouth Holiday retreat walk \ hike
Cottage Inn Beer Garden, next to Sunny Lyn Camp Site

So there you have it, The Lynmouth Holiday Retreat, Sunny Lyn circular pub walk, I hope you enjoyed it and We hope to see you at the pub soon.

Note, If visiting The Cottage Inn and would like a meal, please check service times and book a table below, we only open daytimes during the warmer months.

If you would like to be kept up to date with developments at The Cottage Inn please scroll to the bottom of the page and subscribe.

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