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Thai Gift Ideas

Here at Nartnapa we love everything Thai, especially the food, stuck for ideas on what to get your foodie loving friend this Christmas ?, take a look through some of the great products below for inspiration.

If you purchase any of the recommended products through the links shown below we get a small commission charge from Amazon which goes towards the cost of maintaining and growing our site, thank you in advance for your support.

Thai Cookbooks

Thai cook books are a great way to inspire you, in 2023 Nartnapa will be producing our very own cook book but until then get some full flavour behaviour from below.

Cooking Tools

Below are tools that we use ourselves to produce food in our restaurant or at home with the children, as with so much when it comes to cooking great dishes, simple is often best.

Heat is everything

Many Thai dishes are cooked in the Wok, much of the flavour is down to cooking temperature, in general the hotter the better.

In commercial kitchens we use gas wok ranges and round bottom woks but this is often not available in the home environment so try the next best thing, a classic mild steel flat bottom Wok on induction heat. Always remember to season your wok before first use. Nartnapa cooked commercially on the 3KW Buffalo induction hob shown opposite with fantastic results, for the price it comes highly recommended by us and buffalo after sales  is fantastic.

Non stick woks tend to not be used much in Thailand, charing and the flavour of a proper hot steel wok on your food is hard to replicate, stay simple.

It's All in The Prep

As with all food the success is in the detail, Thai food doesn't require a great deal of fancy equipment but lets get the basics nailed down, sharp knives, solid chopping boards and something to blend the spices.

Tip - Asian chefs tend to use a couple large knives instead of a range of smaller ones so spend on fewer quality knives over a large range of lesser quality product.

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