Making Funny Face

Above is a picture of a dog pulling a funny face, this is a Laughing matter, below is guidance of how we will all keep each other safe whilst at the Cottage Inn, this is not a laughing matter.

Ok, Firstly im so so sorry to interupt such a fun experience of researching where you would like to have a meal with yet more info of Covid 19, believe me this is the last thing i want to be doing to you but to protect the NHS, to stop peoply dying and as a thank you for the financial support shown to the British people we must play our part in the recovery of the ever beautiful United Kingdom.

We take table orders 12 - 8.30, please help us by 

Before you visit

Book a table online by clicking here, this enables us to collect your information as requested by Borris, all information will be stored incase it is required for track and trace and will be deleted after 3 months.

 Choose a day, a time and a section you would like to eat in ( Inside or Outside )

  It would be hugely helpful for us if in the request section you could specify if you are Eating or just drinking in the request section.

No Parking

 Currently no parking is available at The Cottage Inn, A stunning 5-10 minute walk along the Lyn Way links us to Lynton, or if you fancy a scenic nature walk along the river from Barbrook a public footpath is only a 10 - 15 minute stroll, not ideal for anybody with walking difficulties.

 Alternatively we have two friendly taxi businesses who are very helpful and fair.

Lyn Valley Taxi 07907 161666

Riverside Taxi 01598 753442

Please remember that the car park above the pub is private for residents, each space is paid for and allocated DO NOT PARK here please.

Upon arrival

Please wait against the stone wall opposite our front door, we will see and show you to your table, on route to your table you will be taken to the hand sanitiser station and all parties must sanitise.


Hand Sanitisers are provided, please use them, keep your distance from other customers, We will not be allowing access to anybody who is already "On the Way" it is not safe to do so or fair on others.

 We are as new to Covid as you are and there was no dry run, we will always do our best because we want everybody to enjoy being here, however we are not perfect, please treat our staff with respect and be patient with us.

At your table

A single menu is laid on your table, these are sanitised after your table has finished with them.

All orders must be taken at your table, please be patient, we are not accepting any orders at the bar.

 For July fully disposable plates and utensils will be used outside, all are fully compostable and of the best quality. Glassware outside will be rigid plasic and no glasses will be used twice in the same day, going through a double wash and rinse process after service has finished, same cleaning process applies inside but glassware will be used, if you purchase a bottle of wine from us to consume outside feel free to bring your own glass but please be careful.

Stay within your area, please do not move around the premises unnecessarily, if you are passing another table always aim to keep 2m away

Within your table up to 6 people can sit from up to 2 households, inside or outside, If you come with a group of up to 6 but from various households you must sit outside.

No shouting, this is in the government guidelines for health and safety but its also important for our local area that we have little impact on the peaceful place in which they live.

Once you have finished your sitting please let a member of staff know and we will take one person from your group to the payment station as soon as it is safe to do so.

Using the toilet

Before entering the toilets please sanitise your hands, There are 2 cubicles in the ladies, if both are occupied please form a queue outside of the main door and stand on the tape lines keeping well apart, do not stand at the sink next to another user.

 One cubicle in the gents and 1 urinal, if you open the door and both are occupied please stand back in the restaurant on the queue lines and wait, only one person at the sink.